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Mike Jones
Drive-By Truckers
Drive-By Truckers
The Big To-Do

Original Release Date:  March 16, 2010

Track Listing
  • 1. Daddy Learned to Fly
  • 2. The Fourth Night of My Drinking
  • 3. Birthday Boy
  • 4. Drag the Lake Charlie
  • 5. The Wig He Made Her Wear
  • 6. You Got Another
  • 7. This Fucking Job
  • 8. Get Downtown
  • 9. After the Scene Dies
  • 10. (It's Gonna Be) I Told You So
  • 11. Santa Fe
  • 12. The Flying Wallendas
  • 13. Eyes Like Glue
  • David Barbe: Bass, Percussion, Piano, Guitar (Electric), Producer, Engineer, Shaker, Mixing, Guest Appearance
  • Mike Colley: Guitar
  • Kevin Morris: Management
  • John Neff: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Pedal Steel, Recorder, Vocals (Background), Slide Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Group Member
  • Mike Cooley: Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo, Guitar, Bass (Vocal), Composer, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Lyricist, Group Member
  • Drive-By Truckers: Composer
  • Glenn Schick: Mastering
  • Patterson Hood: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Piano, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (Background), Lyricist, Liner Notes, Vocal Harmony, Group Member
  • The Bottom Feeders: Vocals (Background)
  • Wes Freed: Artwork, Paintings
  • Brad Morgan: Drums, Group Member
  • Lilla Hood: Art Direction
  • Christine Stauder: Management
  • Shonna Tucker: Guitar (Acoustic), Bass, Piano, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (Background), Lyricist, Vocal Harmony, Group Member
  • Jay Gonzalez: Piano, Accordion, Vocals (Background), Mellotron, Wurlitzer, Vocal Harmony, Group Member, Hammond B3
  • Drew Carroll: Intern
  • Scott Lee: Intern
  • William Brookshire: Intern
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