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Free Music or Stockpiled Death

Original Release Date:  January 28, 2008

Track Listing
  • 1. Please Stop Amerikkka
  • 2. Bluesa for Marcuse. Possibilities for Future Meaning.
  • 3. Kwatinetz and the New Mobyists Will Devour Each Other, Creating
  • 4. After Years of Maddening Debate and 'Process', The People Decide
  • 5. Voices from the Rubble; Tell the Truth About the Culture...
  • 6. 'Bong'ra. Just Because It 'Is' Doesn't Mean It Should Be...
  • 7. Careful What You Wish for..Bush, Bin Laden, Catholic Priests, etc
  • 8. No War Is Just. It Is the Women and Children Who Do Most of...
  • 9. Creative Life or Stockpiled Death?
  • 10. Coffee's First Shop...Pistel's '87
  • 11. Eulogy Over the Grave of Music.
  • 12. Crisis of the Musician, 1A: INeed a Lot of Bad Attention
  • 13. Crisis of the Musician, 2A: How Songwriting Destroyed My Humanity
  • 14. Crisis of the Musician, 3A: Can We Face Our Fear of Creative Free
  • 15. Poisoned Culture Cannot Stop the Infinite Vision of the Drum
  • 16. It's All Hype, Designed to Sell Records, But I Convinced Myself...
  • 17. Bootleg; 'don't Worry, If There's Hell Below, We're All Gonna Go
  • 18. Eisler Crushes That Shit...
  • 19. Bootleg; Moment of Autonomy in the Public Sphere
  • 20. Hold My Vegan Shrimpball While I Try to Get in This Picture With...
  • 21. Yesterme, Yesteryou, Yestermorrow..Punk Rock Shit for Imaginary
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